Code of Ethics

This code of ethics establishes a standard of conduct to be recommended to all members of the Dalmatian Clubs throughout Australia in the normal course of owning, breeding, exhibiting, selling and judging Dalmatians.

Breeding represents a great responsibility to each individual, as he or she can either upgrade or nullify many years of conscientious effort. The breeder must be aware of this responsibility.

Discrimination and intelligent breeding programs can only improve the problems of the breed. Breeding is to enhance the positive qualities and cannot be expected to cover up serious faults. Therefore, breeding partners should be carefully investigated for background and serious faults before a commitment is made.

As a member of the Dalmatian Club of Victoria Inc. I hereby declare that:

  1. I will abide by the club constitution and by-laws and support the standard of the breed.
  2. I will comply with all the Victorian Canine Association Incorporated rules and regulations where they pertain.
  3. I will at all times, whether at home, travelling to shows or at motels, display good sportsmanship and conduct myself in a manner that will reflect credit on the club and the Dalmatian.
  4. I will help educate the public in the Standard of the breed and in the other areas where I am qualified.
  5. As a breeder of Dalmatians, I will try to breed in such a manner as to improve the quality of the breed.
  6. I will not use for breeding a dog and/or bitch with major faults.
  7. I will not mate my Dalmatian with any dog or bitch that is not registered.
  8. I will only sell Dalmatians in good healthy condition, free to my knowledge of communicable diseases.
  9. I will not sell as registered any dog or bitch which has defects of a nature that is detrimental to the breed.
  10. DEAF PUPPIES MUST BE HUMANELY DESTROYED. If a (club member) breeder chooses to ignore this code, the breeder is not to sell, give away, re-home or in any way dispose of a congenitally deaf puppy/dog. The breeder must house and keep the puppy/dog.
  11. Owners of stud dogs require breeders, using their dogs at stud, to humanely euthanize congenitally deaf puppies, as part of the stud agreements
  12. I will supply at the time of sale, each purchaser with the following where applicable:
    • a. A registration certificate
      b. A three or four generation pedigree certificate
      c. An immunisation certificate
      d. Diet and care information
  13. I will not sell without true representation to the purchaser. All advertising will be honest and not in anyway misrepresentative, misleading or fraudulent.
  14. I will continue to offer assistance to the buyer for as long as such aid is required.
  15. I will not sell or donate Dalmatians to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers or directly or indirectly allow them to be given as prizes in contests of any kind, or for any purpose that may lead to exploitation.